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  1. Pray that the Lord will be glorified by fulfilling these outcomes (see image).

  2. Pray for the Small Group Launch Team for wisdom and skills to successfully facilitate the implementation of the sermon series and maximize the impact for the church for glory of God.

  3. Pray for the Prayer Team to diligently and faithfully be in prayer for everything and everyone to be transformed to serve the Lord with joy and gladness.

  4. Pray for the Communications & Media to effectively communicate all aspects of this event to the church.

  5. Pray for the Small Groups Recruitment for mobilizing the church to participate in small groups during the event and to keep going after the sermon series.

  6. Pray for the Weekend Worship team in effectively leading worship during all services for the sermon series.

  7. Pray for the Churchwide Special Ministry Event that God will empower the team and mobilize the entire church to actively participate and impact our community.

  8. Pray for the Small Groups on their Ministry Opportunities and their heart of service during the sermon series.

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