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Job Opportunities

Saint Paul Hmong Alliance Church is an accredited denomination church that’s affiliate with the Christian Mission Alliance (C&MA) whose mission is to produce disciples who are dedicated to Christ, developed in their faith and talents, and duplication themselves by celebrating God’s Presence (Worship), assimilating people into God’s Family (Fellowship), educating God’s People (Discipleship), demonstrating God’s Love (Ministry), and communicating God’s Word (Mission), and sending the calls.

Administrator Assistant

Salary: $20 - $23 hr

Job Type: Full Time

Day shift
Sunday - Thursday 9:00AM-5:0

We are seeking a full-time personable, efficient and well-organized office secretary to play a key role in the success and growth of SPHAC. The ideal candidate will support the senior pastor, lay pastors, worship director, youth pastor, DM director, Children Director, Ministry leaders, staff and the Board of Elders in creating an embracing, loving and empowering environment for the congregation.


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